Brampton renters need rent control!

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Brampton needs rent control for legal basement rentals.

Unless you're on subsidy for housing and childcare, you're likely to need approximately $3,500 a month to live and minimum wage doesn't cover that cost. Childcare alone is approximately $1400 a month and home owners are charging anywhere between $1300-$1900 for a 1,2,3 bedroom legal basement dwelling as well as making them pay utilities in most cases. It's gotten out of hand!

If you're on assistance for whatever reason, you're probably bringing in between $900-$1200 a month (some parents have the Child Tax Benefit which raises theirs to $1400-$1700 monthly) and that's not enough to afford childcare 5 days a week, a car to travel to work or monthly bus passes, groceries, utilities or perhaps a social life.

If you're making minimum wage, you'll barely bring in $2400 considering taxes will swipe a good chunk. That's barely enough to cover rent and childcare. Even without childcare, you'll barely afford rent, a car (bus passes), groceries, some social life, bills etc.

This overpricing of legal basement rentals needs to stop. If you buy a home, you're responsible for your own mortgage payments. Basement renters are not responsible for your mortgage payments. Home owners should NOT be allowed to overprice their legal basement rentals.

I vote that there be a low maximum rental price and it be and fixated, utilities included in that price. There should be a law added to the landlord and tenant act that states - Anyone with a lease agreement over the maximum rental price can have the price lowered by law. Lease agreements are necessary and if not provided, can be brought to the attention of the court system and enforced. 

You can dress up a hole in the ground, however, at the end of the day - it's still a hole in the ground.

Please sign this petition to bring awareness of the unfair overpricing of legal basements to our Mayor and city council in hopes for a change! Poverty is a huge cause to depression, suffering in these hard times is a huge contribution to suicide rates. Together we can stand and lower that rate.