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Allow Med Boarding Soldiers to KEEP their PTSD Service Dogs

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I met with the Pentagon and the Office of the Army Surgeon General this past week. It is my impression that they "heard" what I was saying but do not really believe it to be a PROBLEM. IT IS A PROBLEM when my Warriors who currently have Service Dogs are RELAPSING into thoughts of SUICIDE because the Army is threatening to take away their K9 lifelines! IT IS TIME TO ACT! This MUST BE we, the American People STANDING UP for our Med Boarding Wounded Warriors. I am ONE person...but if we FILL their email IN BOXES with 10,000 emails...they will HAVE to LISTEN!!!

Please, first read the letter below so you understand the situation. Email the Officials at the emails I have listed. Then...SHARE THIS PETITION WITH Patriotic Americans who care! You may also reach out to contact your Congressmen and Senators: COPY & PASTE the letter below...CALL YOUR LOCAL MEDIA...Military Times...TV Stations...I can furnish video links for them.
"The only thing necessary for EVIL to triumph is for good men and women to DO NOTHING!"


In addition to signing this petition, you may send DIRECT EMAILS TO: Army Surgeon General Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Army Chief of Staff Dep. Sec. Def./Clinical Affairs


On to the COPY and PASTE PART...

FROM: Patriotic Americans who GENUINELY Support Their Wounded Warriors!
RE: Easy Access to PTSD Service Dogs for Med Boarding Wounded Warriors
We, the People of the United States of America, do believe that the issuance of the 30 January 2012 OTSG/MEDCOM Policy Memo 12-005 regarding Service Dogs is inherently flawed. In the words of General Martin Dempsey on April 18, 2012, “It is NOT just the government’s responsibility to take care of our Warriors, but also the Nation’s and Communities’ responsibility!” With the issuance of this Service Dog policy the Army has virtually HALTED the ability of America’s Communities to assist her Sons and Daughters in obtaining EASY, EXPEDIENT, COST EFFECTIVE access to PTSD Service Dogs.
We, the American People demand your IMMEDIATE action in the following areas:
1) IMMEDIATE Cease and Desist in the ENFORCEMENT of the 30 January OTSG/MEDCOM Policy Memo 12-005 until the flaws which have been brought to the attention of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Office of the Army Surgeon General by Mrs. Debbie Kandoll on April 19, 2012, have been remedied. By allowing this policy to flounder forward in its present flawed form, YOU are placing our Med Boarding Wounded Warriors who currently have PTSD Service Dogs in IMMINENT DANGER of SUICIDE as a result of having their dogs taken away due to the policy’s short-sightedness.

2) IMMEDIATE Cease and Desist in the ENFORCEMENT of all individual POST POLICIES issued under the umbrella of the 30 January OTSG/MEDCOM Policy Memo 12-005 regarding Service Dogs until all FLAWS can be resolved.

3) IMMEDIATE REMOVAL from said policy(ies) of language that “a PTSD Service Dog is to be a treatment of LAST RESORT after ALL OTHER MODALITIES of treatment have been EXHAUSTED.” This is UNACCEPATABLE LANGUAGE and a BIZARRE CONCEPT and we, the American People will not TOLERATE you using our sons and daughters as your guinea pigs in PTSD research. If a Service Dog works better than drugs or well in tandem with drugs, let our Wounded Warriors have WHAT they need WHEN they need it.

IMMEDIATE COMPLIANCE with the Federal Laws governing Service Dogs under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. We, the American people request IMMEDIATE REMOVAL both of the Army’s endorsement and policy designation of Assistance Dogs International as the accrediting organization for all PTSD Service Dogs recognized by the Army. As only ORGANIZATIONS and NOT INDIVIDUALS CAN BE ACCREDITED by Assistance Dogs International, and as Assistance Dogs International accredited organizations are NOT EVEN AVAILABLE
1)AVAILABLE and PRESENT in ALL 50 States, the Army is SEVERELY limiting the EASE of ACCESS to PTSD Service Dogs for our Wounded Warriors by failing to recognize the invaluable and readily accessible training resources which have previously been supplied by dedicated volunteers and private contractors who have operated in compliance with the Service Dog Guidelines under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.
a) Requiring the soldier to get Commander permission before even DISCUSSING the possibility of a Service Dog with his MENTAL HEALTH provider.
b) Requiring the up-channeling of the Service Dog decision to a Multi-Disciplinary Team(MDT) in order to delay the process of obtaining of a Service Dog as long as possible. The decision should be made between the Soldier and his Mental Health provider responsibly and expediently.
c) Banning the presence of Medically Prescribed Service Dogs in barracks. As barracks are privatized housing which takes funding from Federal sources, they are subject to and violating both the Fair Housing Act and the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973.
d) Requiring Wounded Warriors in the Warrior Transition Units and Battalions WTU/WTB to “reach their highest level of functioning before a Service Dog can be assigned to them” as well as stating that a Wounded Warrior can only take delivery of that Service Dog in his/her “last three weeks at the WTU”!
We, the American People, stand READY to be the Nation and Community described by General Dempsey that cares for its Wounded Warriors. We believe that current daily suicide rate of 18 soldiers per day is reprehensible. In light of that statistic, You…the Unites States Army…issue a policy that geometrically increases the misery of our Sons and Daughters suffering from PTSD who ALREADY have PTSD Service Dogs while blatantly OBSTRUCTING easy access to other Warriors suffering from PTSD whose lives could be restored by these skilled PTSD Service K9s.
Because the US Army promised to care for its Soldiers, its Service Dog Policy’s obstructive actions not only lack compassion but seem to be clearly chargeable under the UCMJ’s Article 93 “Criminal Maltreatment of Soldiers.”
We, the American People, WILL NOT ALLOW this continue ABUSE of OUR WOUNDED WARRIORS. Allow our Med-Boarding Wounded Warriors to have WHAT they need to be restore to wholeness while they are waiting for their med-board to be completed.
We demand that the US Army IMMEDIATELY remedy the 30 January 2012 OTSG/MEDCOM Policy Memo 12-005 and all subsequently issued Service Dog post policies .
Respectfully submitted,

PLEASE DO THIS TODAY!!! I want the ARMY to know that WE CARE ABOUT what policies they are implementing!!
Thank you!

Debbie Kandoll, Volunteer Service Dog Trainer
M*A*S*H: Mutts Assisting Soldier Heroes

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