#Justice4Jimmy 15 yr old Boy Viciously Murdered

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We, the undersigned, look to the NYS Attorney General that they file for Re-argument or Leave to Appeal to he NYS Supreme Court ruling, to release child murderer, John Duffy, https://law.justia.com/cases/new-york/appellate-division-third-department/2018/525786.html , as an unjust action based on false statements entered into parole hearing minutes by, former, NYS Commissioner Christine Hernandez, who had a suspect relationship with inmate Duffy, to the United States Supreme Court for a full and thorough review.

The following is a statement by the mother of 15 yr old victim, James Connelly, we need to read her words, feel a mother's anguish and, as a people, come together and demand full & equal rights, for NOT just the guilty but the dead victims too.

#VictimsMatterToo #RememberAllTheVictims


Well, here I am Undeterred, and quite angry!

On July 5, 2018,the New York State Supreme Court granted the Appeal, brought by convicted murderer John Duffy A/K/A John Marino. Their determination annuls the Parole Denial/ Rescission Hearing of the NYS Board of Parole October 2016, and grants another violent murderer to walk free.

The decision stated is based LOOSELY on the “rescission was not supported by substantial evidence”.

John Duffy/John Marino was granted the original release in 2016 by erroneous information and “filing errors” of evidence we submitted, by the ( Office of Victims of Crime Impact Hearings or whatever they were once called) and also Parole Commissioner Christine Hernandez, who showed partiality while interviewing him, minimizing his violence to Jimmy's body.. We complained, she is no longer a Parole Commissioner (not sure why) he still walks free.

I, as Jimmy's mother and sole surviving parent, am calling for a full investigation of the supplied “substantial evidence” as erroneous and partiality statements weighted the original decision of two of three Commissioners.

This is different, we are not fighting a NYS Parole Board decision, we object to the NYS Supreme Court Ruling of three of five NYS Supreme Court Judges. We believe Substantial information was held back. This is a new decision for the court to consider, I believe I read it correctly.

Our Jimmy's life is not any more valuable than Genevieve Licari, Murderer released in April 2018, nor Arthur Zampino, Murderer released in May 2018, nor two of NYC Police Officers P.O. Joseph A. Piagintini and his partner, P.O. Waverly M. Jones.. Murderer also released in Spring of 2018.

It is time we take a very, very good look at our elected, and especially, our appointed officials and decide if this is the Great America we think it is or can it be greater, starting here in New York ? Especially being told that Parolees now have a right to vote in NYS elections, and that Paroled Lifers can apply after three years for a determination to be released from parole, when they were to be on Parole forever. Every previous rule is being changed.

My fight is not for me and mine alone, it is for true justice for all of us. Today I share my valid anger, my disappointments and forgive me I can not name my other feelings yet, because I don't understand them. I do not know what I feel. It cannot get through my brain freeze. All I know is that my children and their children know how hard we fight for all victims, and know I will not stop.

There are the above families and so many more families of victims that were denied justice, Dennis Holland’s sister, Denise Spencer's Son, Helen Tanares daughter. I cold go on and on.

I asked my own children to give me time to figure out my words and feelings over these last two days, they did. Thank you Kathleen, Patti, Barbara and Terry, I haven't put this new puzzle in my head and heart into place, no worries I am pretty good at easy Crossword Puzzles, It is the HARD ones that keep me searching a bit longer.

I might be entering Elder Years, yesss I am, but I strong like BULL! Thick headed too, LOL, Jimmy's, dad's and my inner strength runs through all of you. There is no “period” at the end of this next sentence.

I will not be going quietly into the night, no surrender

Barbara Connelly
Mother of murdered 15 yr old Jimmy Connelly
#Justice4Jimmy #Justice4ALLvictims

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