UR Journalism Department Needs Another Full-Time Professor

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Ashlee Korlach
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The number of students majoring or minoring in journalism at the University of Richmond is rising. The journalism department at UR is small, albeit mighty. But it is in desperate need of an additional full-time hire to fulfill the needs of students.

Both majors and minors struggle to register for required classes, not to mention students who are just interested in taking a course or two in the department.

Not only would a fifth full-time hire be able to instruct required classes, but he or she would also provide current professors the freedom to offer more elective classes each semester. There are typically only one or two options each semester, which is not enough to offer majors and minors. Journalism students crave the opportunity to not only take classes required of the major, but also expand their knowledge of the field through a vast array of classes.

As a field of study, journalism is the epitome of a liberal arts major. And it’s clearly in demand.

We, as journalism students, need an additional full-time instructor in the department to have the richest and most fulfilling journalism education possible.