Easy Allies 50k Patreon Studio Goal

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So here's the deal. Upping our pledge doesn't feel good right now, because it doesn't feel like it makes a difference. How can we give ourselves an incentive to up our pledge? By doing it together as a community, at the same time. We are currently 6146 patreons as I'm writing this and we're mising $6356 for the 50k studio goal. If we all upped our pledge by a meak $1, we'd see the finish line.

What will this get us? From the EZA patreon:
"A new HQ will mean a portion of our team will be producing entertainment full-time. New and old shows will be added on YouTube and Patreon, and we’ll finally be able to build a studio from the ground up."

Now I know it's unrealistic to think we could get every patreon to up their pledge, but that's kind of what this petition is for. It's here to see if there's an interest for something like this. If we got the number of signs we need, we'd pretty much be guaranteed that our up pledge will get EZA very close to the studio, if not all the way to the goal. So if you are interested in doing a mass up pledge together, sign up your name! There's nothing to loose really. Even if we were to do this and it didnt hit the goal, all everyone's lost is a dollar. It's worth a shot!

Just to make it clear, do not up your pledge now, if this gets interest we'll decide when to do it together. Oh, and also, I don't know if we should try to keep it a secret from the Allies or not, I can see it being hard with the Blood Hawk always watching, maybe we could decide on that later if this gets any attention.

The plan right now is simple:

  1. Spread this around to garner interest with the Patrons and EZA fans in general (respectfully ofc, no spam).
  2. If this gains any sort of traction we'll figure out how we'll move on from there together.

Background info: I just had this idea the other day and people seemed to like it, so now I'm throwing it out there. I really want the Allies to get a proper studio so they can produce their wonderful work full-time in a space where they're all together. The garage is wonderful, but now with one year done and the second year in full effect, I think it's time. EZA are professionals, let's get them the professional HQ they deserve.

TL;DR: If everyone ups $1 we'd get the studio, sign this if you're willing to up your patreon by $1 (or more if you want ofc) at a future date if this works out.

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