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Charge per-transaction, not per pledge!

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Patreon's new service change harms creators and discourages consumers from supporting every creative they love.

It also massively harms the very concept of per-post pledges -- Previously, a creator who supported $1 per-post pledges and made 10 posts a month would get $9.5 per month from a patron's $10.  But under the new regime, sure, if the patron doesn't change their pledge, they'll get $10, but the patron's now paying 13.79!    Whereas the creator who doesn't make pledges post-based, but instead just made 10 posts a month and offered a $10/month level for all the posts?  Is still making $10/month, but their patrons are only charged 10.64 per month!

Moreover, it's unfair.  Patreon, which charges per month, is doing the same work -- getting dinged the same amount by credit card companies -- from a patron who is paying 1 creator $100 in one chunk per month as they are from a patron who is paying 100 creators $1 each per month.  And yet, they have the temerity to demand a huge increase in fees from the latter than the former?  Who does this help?  Not Patreon, which is likely to see a massive egress to fairer crowdfunding platforms.  Not the patrons, who get charged more.  Not the creators, who see their best and most incentive-building funding tool becoming a second-class citizen.

Make the fees external -- we -want- to support the creators, and knowing that a $1 pledge means they get $1 is all to the good; we have control over our pledges and can manage if fees fluctuate.  Charge a per credit card transaction if you need to; that should be $.35 per -patron- per month, not per pledge.  Hell, charge a per creator check fee if you need to, to cover the costs of wiring money out or writing checks, as long as it's a reasonable charge and again, per transaction, not per microtransaction.  But don't charge us a per micro-transaction fee; that is missing the entire point of microtransactions, and forcing us all to go somewhere more accomodating.

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