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The funk Brothers to be paid for the movie standing in the shadows of motown.

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As a massive fan of motown and soul music .I am putting this petition together with the great help from Patricia sweetpea Washington. The funk Brothers who made the documentary movie called standing in the shadows of motown worked very hard on this movie and did not even get a dime for their hard work and trouble they all went to make it a massive success to which it was. The movie sold out in Walmarts the morning it was put on the shelves. I so belive that this is so wrong for the guys not to be paid for all their hard work and determination to bring us all the great sound of motown so if it wasn't for the funk Brothers we would not be listening to the great music all these great musicians have done for us musically and spirituality 

So please sign this petition so the all the funk Brothers and their families get highly rewarded for what they did for this movie 

Just think why should the production company named as elliot scott productions get all the money for the movie and the funk Brothers not get a dime for their time . Let's get the guys their money they are whole heartily deserved for the hard work and joy they gave us . You know it makes sense long live the funk Brothers music. 

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