Immediate Release of Gang-rape survivor and social activists in Araria, Bihar.

Immediate Release of Gang-rape survivor and social activists in Araria, Bihar.

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A civil court in Araria district of Bihar has sent a 22-year-old “gang rape survivor” to jail on charges of obstructing proceedings of the court. It also charged two social workers with a similar crime for assisting her.

While recording her statement in the rape case before a magistrate in Araria, the woman broke down and insisted she would sign the statement only after one of the activists has seen it.

While recording the statement in front of the magistrate on July 10, the survivor was a little nervous. She was feeling disturbed due to her identity being exposed in the media and was narrating the same events time and again for the last four days. Also, she was not getting any support from her family either. She was held responsible for the incident several times and she also had to spend over four hours waiting in the court corridors with one of the accused rapists. She only wanted to consult one of the activists before signing the written statement. But the court unfairly charged her claiming that her nervousness was an insult to the court.

The court ordered the two activists to be taken into custody. They were kept there overnight and then arrested the next day on charges of obstructing court’s proceedings. All three of them are now in jail.

The woman was allegedly raped by four unidentified men on July 6, NONE OF WHOM HAVE BEEN ARRESTED YET.

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