Better service from St Vincent's east of Birmingham

Better service from St Vincent's east of Birmingham

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Johnathan crum started this petition to Patients that have been neglected the proper care from St Vincent's east

So Tonight after I get off work i injured my foot. A whole starter what I had sitting in my backseat inside of a box fell out and landed on top of my feet when was retrieving my work book bag from the back seat. 


The pain didn't set in right away. I only started to feel it as I took off my shoes and got in the shower. My pain level went from a discomfort to a level 10 pain.


So I continued to shower as the pain proceeded. By the time I made it out the shower, my mind was made up that I needed to go to the ER, just incase I fractured the bone in my foot. 


So I get there and upon entering the door I'm limping and can barely walk. 


I nicely asked the lady for a wheelchair,while she looked me dead in my face like I wasn't there. 


So me being the level headed person I am, I took a seat and waited my turn. So when my turn came, she did the covid-19 checklist thing and ask me why was I there. I told her I dropped some on my foot and I can barely walk. 


So she finally gave me a wheelchair. I sat and waited to be called again, which was not a problem. 


They called my name again, they pushed me to the back and checked my blood pressure and etc and asked me on a scale how bad are u hurting? I said 10.


They took me to a room and about 15 minutes later they came in with a x-ray machine. 


The lady took my x-ray and about 2 minutes after she left, the doctor came in and said my x-ray was good, nothing was broken or fractured. Ion know how long it takes for a x-ray to come back. I just know any other time they take at least 30 minutes or more.


But that ain't the problem... The problem was when they was releasing me, they took my wheel chair and gave me no type of assistance as I struggle in agonizing pain to walk out of there. 


When I say they knew I couldn't barely walk and still took the wheel chair. I'm not lying.


And I'm not saying I wanted to take the wheel chair. All I'm saying is that, this is a hospital and I'm a patient in pain. And u don't even assist me to the door? I'm not asking for anyone to walk me to my car which is at least 50 to 70 feet in the parking lot. I'm just talking bout the common sense and courtesy to assist a patient in need. 


They didn't give me nothing for pain or nothing. Just threw me back out to the streets like a dead dog. 


I'm not asking for any1 opinion, I'm just looking for a lawyer that can look into this. Because I know that they can be brought up on some type of neglect charges or some. So if u know a lawyer, tag 1.


And all of this is on they cameras, so I have no reason to lie. I'm not looking for likes or pity. I'm looking for change in the way this hospital works. 


If u or anyone u know has been neglected in any type of way, then tag yourself or them on this post. 


And I'll also be starting a petition later on today when I get up. But in the meantime, share this post so it can get as much attention as needed. Because my name only can't make nothing shake, but together we definitely can get some done. 


And by the way, I'm still in pain ���

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!