Save Allenby Clinic & Northolt Family Practice

Save Allenby Clinic & Northolt Family Practice

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Ashvin Bhabuta started this petition to patients


Allenby Clinic & Northolt Family Practice has been running in the Grand Union Village Health Centre since 2014. We look after  approximately 6000 patients. With the departure of Dr Rathor there is a possibility that the surgery will close.


Disruption to continuity

Telling 6000 patients to find themselves a new GP, especially during a major  pandemic is not something that would most suitable for both patients and employees. This goes against the very idea of the National Health Service; plus, it is unlikely that nearby practices will be able cope with the flood of several thousands of new patients in a efficient way. What should happen is that the practice should go up for tendering so the chosen General Practitioner  can provide the continuity of care that is needed for these patients.


Patient profile

Many of the patients in the practice are elderly and have lived in the borough for many years and they would benefit from the continuity of care. Many are also  young mothers whose children benefit from the familiarity of the relationships established at the practice.  For our patients with chronic illnesses and even some children  It can be a daunting experience to try and start all  over again, where they feel they may need to explain their medical history right from the beginning. Their trust in there medical practitioner is being jeopardized.


Surgery profile

Allenby Clinic & Northolt Family Practice is no ordinary surgery. The services they offer are extensive. The knock on effect of the practice closing  is substantial . It will cause a lot of disruption to patients and neighboring practices.

The surgery has adapted to address the  needs of the community and this includes provision for looking after young families and those with disabilities, elderly patients, and patients with Chronic Diseases. Additionally there is an in-house pharmacy to ensure that patients  do not need to travel far for their medication.

The surgery has a significant number of patients that are from out of Borough.  This means one of two things.  Firstly that they find this surgery to be the best for meeting their needs and it is evidence of their satisfaction with the service provided that they are prepared to travel long distances.  In this instance it would make no sense to close a popular and deserved surgery.

Secondly it could be that there are no available places for them in their local surgeries.  In this case, at a time when the nation is in the grips of a serious pandemic, it makes no sense to close a surgery and expect 6000 patients to try and find surgeries in their localities to meet their needs and continue to manage their continuity of care.


Impact on wider community through job losses

The loss of jobs in today's climate and the effect this will have on the families of those employed in the surgery cannot be taken without exhausting every possibility to keep the surgery open. The staff have worked hard even through the major changes that have taken place and also through one of the biggest pandemics that the National Health Service is trying to manage. They always kept one view in mind and that has been to look after our patients as well as they can.

Lack of proper and due consultation on process

No matter what the circumstances were for Dr Rathor’s decision to leave the surgery so suddenly, there are other important considerations for keeping the surgery open for the patients and dedicated staff. There has been no consultation process in willing to keep the practice open nor have any of the PPG members been contacted. This may not be a legal requirement but considering the profession and the service that is at stake and also considering the number of people affected by this, then surely it would be appropriate to have at least been given more time and opportunity to find a solution not so discourteous.

What Can you Do?

You can keep the practice running by signing this petition and agreeing that you would like to stay registered at the practice. If we can get enough signatures it gives us the chance to continue to keep the practice running and it  also shows NHS England  that our patients do indeed want to see there continuity of care at the Allenby Clinic and Northolt Family Practice.

Kind Regards

Patient participation Group(PPG)

PPG Memebr: Ashvin Bhabuta

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At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!