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Benjamin Charlton started this petition to Patients and the communities of the Eastside and Seattle and

Inline Chiropractic Wellness Center and Dr. Benjamin Charlton were notified by Premera that they have terminated our "In-network" status without cause with a tiny clause that states they can "Terminate at will." The effective date of this termination took place into effect on April 15, 2019.

The purpose of this petition is to reverse this termination and re-instate Dr. Charlton. I do not know why Inline Chiropractic was the target of this discriminatory act, but I know that we can get this reversed!

I have had a flawless record with all insurance companies since starting practice in WA in 2004. So, this random termination came as a shock! I can't help but feel like doing good for the community and taking care of people is NOT what MSFT/AMAZON Premera wants us to do. Nope, they want you to continually be chronically ill, sick, not thrive, and have multiple sick days from work thereby creating less productivity. They would rather create an environment where you will be in chronic pain, be on opioids, end up with more prescriptions and or surgery...because THAT IS REAL HEALTH.


Prior to 2012, Microsoft Premera insurance was AMAZING! It consisted of $5 then $10 copay for unlimited almost EVERYTHING. Well, here's what the "back end"of what these BIG Companies don't tell you. When their employee utilize their insurance (ER, Urgent Care, MD, OD, DC, PT, PaC, ND, LaC, LMP) Literally anything, their (MICROSOFT, AMAZON) premiums go up! Say what? THEIR PREMIUMS GO UP! 

So, what did MSFT do in 2012? Microsoft decided to pass the payments onto their employees through the inception of the Health Savings Account (HSA). The deductibles shot up from $200 to $1,500 per individual or $3,000 per family. MSFT will match half of that Deductible, but you will still need to fork out half first. So, now it makes you think... Insurance isn't really insurance, is it?

I can only conclude that this is another one of their schemes to try to save THEIR bottom line by kicking Chiropractors out of network, thinking people will NOT be using Chiropractic benefits anymore...but indeed you will be... UTILIZE YOUR OUT OF NETWORK BENEFITS...AND DO NOT USE IT SPARINGLY!

Inline Wellness is conveniently located near Microsoft, Amazon and other prominent companies that utilize Premera as their health insurer. The removal of our contract will have a direct detrimental impact on thousands of patients in the community as well as the livelihood of Dr. Charlton. I don't ever want to be dictated (by anyone) whom I can treat and for how long. To add insult to injury they concluded with, "You can request to rejoin our network one year after your termination date." When they know, Premera has closed their network to new chiropractors for over 3 years .  

I believe this decision is based on increasing Premera profits at the expense of your patient care, if we allow this to pass, there will be another. 

I urge you from the bottom of my heart, PLEASE sign this petition to demonstrate the impact of this decision on our community.  I would like Premera to rescind the letter not only for me, but for ALL CHIROPRACTORS who are doing great for their community. 


1. Sign the petition

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3. Email me anything Premera has sent you

4. Request & email me your contract from

Thank you for your time!

Dr. Charlton 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!