Patient Safety

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Dear President Trump,

Thank you for championing the change of HealthCare in America.  Providing for our most vulnerable is essential as we devise a system that is not hampered by excessive bureaucracy and overwhelming financial constraints.   It is very important that we do not create a system of disparity of care. In most instances, competition is a benefit.  However, a false narrative promoting equivalency of non-physicians who have never attended medical school or a medical/surgical residency and are practicing medicine without supervision remains very concerning.

In the most recent Executive Order, Section 5 promotes enabling “Providers” to spend more time with patients.  Unloading the bureaucratic burden would certainly accomplish this goal.  Unfortunately, the means to accomplish this task included the EO recommendation of the removal of supervision requirements for non-physicians practicing medicine.  Although this false narrative has been strongly promoted by those with Corporate ties and financial incentives, it is exclusively anti-patient. A strong concern that the narrow capacity of non-physician substitutes and their ability to manage some of our sickest patients without physician oversight will result in an exponential increase in morbidity, mortality and financial expenditures.

I would like to continue to support your goals of achieving a functional and exceptional American HealthCare system.  Mr. President, do not promote the disparity of care of our most vulnerable by creating an environment that limits their access to physicians.


Caren Gallaher MD FACS

Susan Hull MD