Boycott of Laetitia Winery for suing to stop safety improvements on US101 is now over

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Vintage Wine Estates, parent of Laetitia Winery, last week sued Caltrans to stop the safety improvements at El Campo and US 101 that would have eliminated the death trap that killed our son Jordan Grant.

The Boycott worked and is now over. We had dinner with the CEO of Vintage Wine Estates, parent of Laetitia, this Wednesday May 15th followed by a conference call Thursday afternoon with their executive team. They are committed to working with us on US101 safety and will not allow their litigation to stop Caltrans from moving forward on making El Campo safe now. We have formed a working group to partner and promote a list of additional safety improvements to achieve after the current planned changes are constructed.

As a result today I visited Laetitia Winery to thank the team there for their support of safety on US 101 and teaming with our working group to achieve even more improvements. While there I signed up for a membership so should be receiving a mixed box of their wines every quarter. If you sign up for Laetitia Winery membership as well make sure you thank them for supporting and taking leadership on these US 101 safety issues.

(photo with, left to right,  Robert Chetwood, Estate Manager, Jordan’s dad, Austin and Justin, Laetitia Winery)