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The following letter is being circulated by the Dairy Farmer Freedom Committee, made up of various farmers across the United States.  For more information, contact Pro-Ag at 570-833-5776 or email:  1300 Rattlesnake Hill Rd, Meshoppen, PA 18630.  

To: Senator Pat Roberts, Chair of Senate Ag Committee                                              Senator Debbie Stabenow, Ranking Member                                                                Congressman K. Michael Conaway, Chair, House Ag Committee                                Congressman Collin Peterson, Ranking Member                                                      Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue                                    

Sign-On Letter to Support Dairy Farmers         April 16, 2018

The following concerned State and Local government officials, farm organizations, rural business people, dairy farmers, and consumers are requesting that the United States Congress and the United States Dept. of Agriculture take immediate action to correct the milk pricing inequities facing the majority of dairy farmers across the United States.  Many of these inequities have been caused by actions taken or lack of action taken by the United States Congress and the United States Department of Agriculture.

The inequities facing all dairy farmers began April 1, 1981 when Congress froze the support price on dairy products at $12.60.   They gradually reduced it to $9.90 per hundred pounds (cwt.).  Bad for dairy farmers!

Congress also eliminated the Milk Income Loss Program (MILC) to dairy farmers and prohibited the USDA from developing a supply management program.

In 2002 the USDA consolidated the Federal Milk Marketing Orders down to ten, but failed to develop a pricing formula based on the dairy farmers’ cost of production. 

Congress should investigate the safety of whey protein concentrate and milk protein concentrate (MPC).

All the lack of action from Congress or the USDA has reduced the number of dairy farmers from 361,000 in 1981 down to presently nearly 39,000. 

Each of the last three years, collectively dairy farmers have lost 12 billion dollars of needed income, and the rural economy has lost nearly 60 billion dollars.  ACTIONS MUST BE TAKEN TO PRESERVE OUR REMAINING DAIRY FARMS.   

1)    Congress must immediately place a $20 per cwt. FLOOR PRICE under milk used to manufacture dairy products.  This could be done in two increments.  This action would also raise the value of fluid milk (bottled milk).

2)    The USDA and Congress must conduct hearings for dairy farmers, and listen to the average dairy farmer. 

3)    If a milk supply management program is needed, then this program should be patterned after the program contained in the Federal Milk Marketing Improvement Act (formerly known as S-1640, or the Specter-Casey bill, found at   This program should be implemented only after dairy farmers receive the price that is based on the national average cost of producing milk, as determined by the Economic Research Service, a division of the USDA.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!