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Legalize Marijuana Kansas

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Legalizing marijuana in Kansas
Why, Should Kansas legalize marijuana let me tell you five facts that some of you don't know. 1. No one has died from it, 2. It's much safer than already legalized drugs 3. Cannabis can be safe and useful in the medical field. 4. Save time in court they can serve more legal cases and 5. 40% of Americans admitted to using it
Kansas is in a top 10 of the lowest economy. If we Legalize It it can bring income from the taxes for our school construction, State programs, fix Highway, city streets also to help Kansas out of debt. Also more jobs to the Kansas residence.
Since the second year Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana. Taxes revenews have gone up Colorado brought in 129 million and Washington brought in 220 million with their extra income. They used it for school construction, State Highway, city streets, State program, also use it for marijuana enforcement laws. Marijuanas one of the largest crops in the nation which it can bring jobs to us Americans. The hemp from marijuana can be used to make clothes, rope, hygiene products. The seeds from it is highly nutritious and rich in omega-3, calcium and iron.
We can also be used in the medical field it's got the same ingredients as the people use it for pleasure marijuana can be used to help people with epilepsy, pain, nausea, lost appetite for the people who has cancer and HIV, also helps people that has muscle stiffness, spasms pain frequent urination and help them sleeping.
For the one's who wondering about the side effects that it causes after a long use of marijuana there's no difference in the legalizing cigarettes, alcohol, medications. They all have side effects just like marijuana does so what's the difference?
If you would legalized marijuana not for pleasure or go crazy with it. Yes, there will be laws and maybe we can get some ideas from Colorado and Washington but look at what it could do for Kansas give us income to improve our schools, State programs, roads and jobs and help the sick.
Thank you for your time and lets make it happen to improve our kansas to make it a better place once again.


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