A Petition for Pat Rehn MLA for Lesser Slave River To Resign

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Update #1

In 2019, 4,144 constituents in the Lesser Slave Lake Riding Voted for Pat Rehn. 53.6% of the Voter Turnout.1,383 signatures thus far calling for his resignation. If 3,000 more people signed this petition, maybe finally Pat will recognize that it's time for him to resign. As of today, Pat Rehn has been removed from the UCP Caucus.This is likely do the the letter from the Town Council of Slave Lake. While the letter did not mention his stupid vacation- it brought to light how little Pat is actually in the region and actually part of our community.  It seems that Pat has been ignoring calls from the UCP and Premier Kenney to better represent his constituents, and as a result, has been ousted from the party. He is now considered an Independent with no party affiliation.  In the very least, even if you did not like what Pat was doing (or really- not doing) and did not sign the position out of loyalty to a particular party- Good news for you! He's an independent.  Let's keep this ball rolling and get him to do the right thing. 

1 year ago