Petition Closed

This is another form of blood-sport that serves no good purpose in keeping the biodiversity of BC's forests alive. During this controversial contest, hunters chase down wolves in deep snow with high-powered snowmobiles until they are too exhausted to run. Once the wolves can't run anymore, they are shot to death with high-powered rifles. It costs $50 to enter the contest, with winners receiving 10 to 40 per cent of the entry prize pool in addition to the guaranteed prizes of $150 to $1,000. There is also a booby prize of $150 for the smallest wolf and draws for prizes such as a rifle and free taxidermy work.

Government officials are saying that this is for the sake of helping cattle ranchers but they are only encouraging the mass slaughter of the wild wolf population. Compensation payments for the loss of livestock can be a financial loss for the government but destruction of the biodiversity in forests will serve as a greater burden in the long run. The Minister of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations Steve Thomson stated that the contest does not violate any provincial wildlife laws. It has been stated that no license is required in order for this contest to take place. The fact that this contest is even taking place is horrible, but to think that they don’t even need a license is incredulously appalling.
Contests to "kill" are not only cruel and unjust but unacceptable in an environmentally proud province like BC. Mass slaughter is barbaric without a doubt and this area of conservation is repelling tourists and its’ citizens away. If the government really wanted to help cattle ranchers, they are certainly competent enough to come up with numerous solutions that do not include mass murder.
This needs to stop. Not only does this contest actually murder numerous wolves, it is giving off the message that killing animals for our own entertainment is completely acceptable. Wolves are living creatures that are an important part of BC’s wildlife; just like every other animal. We should not let their lives be cruelly taken away just so they can provide entertainment to certain people.

Letter to
Liberal MLA for Peace River North Pat Pimm (Liberal MLA for Peace River North).
We are asking you to intervene in the wolf-hunting contests held in the Peace River regions due to the cruelty and injustice brought upon the wild wolf population by humans. This blood sport will result in great biodiversity and forestry loss to BC. We should not be trying to change the natural predator-prey cycle of the animals inhabiting the forests.

The fact that a license is not required for this killing activity is preposterous, and we should be trying our best to protect all of the animals to promote our heritage and beautiful wildlife.

Please consider condemning this hunting contest and putting a stop to inhumane acts against the wild wolves. We should protect our animals, not abuse them. Not only will this contest murder numerous wolves, it will give off the message that killing our animals for our own entertainment is completely acceptable. Just because they can't speak, it doesn't mean that we can treat them inhumanely for our own selfish purposes.

The annual wolf-hunt serves no purpose but the promotion of animal cruelty and abuse. I, as a concerned citizens ask you to intervene in this year's Peace River Wolf Hunt.