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Medical Marijuana for North Carolina

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Hello everyone, My name is Jose D Romero and I am wanting to legalize Medical Marijuana use in North Carolina. I used to live in Colorado and I had my own Medical Marijuana license cause of my conditions. I have ADHD, ADD, Insomnia, ODD, and was diagnosed with Depression. Medical Marijuana fought my insomnia and the rest of my conditions. Not only did I feel relaxed and not stressed out but I was actually able to process everything. I was able to sleep and it was a good feeling. I recently just moved to North Carolina to be closer to my mother and realized that Medical Marijuana is not legal in this state. 

The fact that without Medical Marijuana I go days without sleep and food, it makes life an everyday struggle for me. I do not have a job and I'm basically living under my mother for the time being until I get back up on my feet. Medical Marijuana does not only help my conditions but it helps other peoples too. I understand that many other people need it as well. Here a list of conditions that medical marijuana can help with.

  1. Insomnia
  2. ADHD
  3. ADD
  4. Multiple Sclerosis 
  5. Arthritis
  6. Cancer
  8. Alzheimer's
  9. Epilepsy 
  10. Glaucoma
  11. Cachexia (Wasting Sydrome)
  12. PTSD
  13. Fribromyalgia

If you fit in any of these conditions you can get yourself treated and it won't hurt you unlike pills and any type of chemicals they give you. This is the chance for North Carolina to let it's voice be heard. We want change and we want people to feel better. I need Medical Marijuana and if this petition get's shown to Governor Pat and he passes the bill I will legit cry real tears. I hope everyone in the world has a good day and that everyone is safe.

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