Marriage is between Male and Female in Uniting Church.

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Affirm Marriage is between Male and Female in Uniting Church.

The Uniting Church Australia Assembly (UCA) is planning to change the definition of Marriage within the church to acknowledge same sex marriage for ALL Uniting Churches in Australia.  The hierarchy of  UCA is proposing this amendment into the Uniting Church constitution for ALL Uniting Churches across Australia during the 15th Assembly in BOX HILL Town Hall, Melbourne – July 8 – 14, 2018.

Australian Christian must rise up and sign this petition to NOT ONLY REJECT the motion and amendment but to affirm the Christian Believe and Bible teaching that Marriage is and always has been between male and female, man and wife.  Your support is needed to help send a clear message to all God Fearing Uniting Church Leadership of your stance on this matter!!

This Petition is also to DEMAND the leaders, proposer, seconder of this motion in the UCA hierarchy and leadership who wants to acknowledge the marriage between gay(male-male) and lesbian(female-female), or any form of marriage equality agenda; be REMOVED or RESIGN  from their position of authority, administration and disassociate themselves from the Uniting Church Leadership, discipleship groups, elders, deacons, any Sunday school teachers roles and any influential lay leader roles, EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY!  That Means pastors, leaders, cell group leaders, especially kindergarten/Sunday school teachers, youth leaders who support marriage equality, same sex marriage, who are sympathizers to the gay and lesbian agenda, have a gay and lesbian heart MUST NOT be allowed to take up ANY of these position mentioned that is contrary to the teaching of the Bible and an Abomination to God the Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit!!   We can stand together to End this association with SIN on July 8-14, 2018, as a God fearing Christian Organization!!   Thank you for supporting the silent majority of this petition to REJECT and Demand the Resignation of Leaders Still in the Uniting Church Organization supporting same sex marriage and marriage equality agenda!

Read the Deceptive proposal of wanting to endorse same sex marriage in the Uniting Church Assembly (UCA) and Reject it by signing this petition.