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To safeguard the public from charlatans (scammers), oversight committees and departments have been established in the public and private sectors to safeguard the public from people that would pray upon them in an effort to relieve them of their hard earned money.  However, when it comes to religion and religious organizations, it is a charlatans' paradise.  What is worse, as exemplified by the show The Preachers of LA, the art of fleecing followers is now celebrated on national television.  There, the rewards of their fleecing are flaunted -- all the while their own parishioners are without food, rent or clothing.  You can rest assured that the Preachers are NOT parting with much of their worldly goods to help out any of their fellow men, women and children!

Nevertheless, the fact is that although little is ever accurately written or quoted about the religion, Christian Science is in fact the only religion which requires proof that a "pastor" has healed at least three (3) individuals without the use of any pharmaceuticals or having relied upon any medical professional and/or device for help.  Faith and prayer are the only tools which the "pastor" (also known as a Christian Science Practioner) employs to facilitate healing.

And payment for these services is "nominal" to say the least.  These individuals take their lead from the one true Pastor (healer) -- Christ Jesus.

Besides, doesn't it say in the Bible, "Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal."  Matthew 6:19  So wouldn't these Preacher's already be breaking God's law?

Thus it comes down to this:  has Pastor Wayne Chaney, Ron Gibson, Jay Haizlip, Noels Jones, Clarence McClendon or Joel Osteen healed even one person without relying on material medica?  If they had wouldn't that be at least some proof that they are truly anointed by God?  Christ Jesus warned us that "Verily, verily I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also;  and greater works than these shall he do …"  If they do not, they are charlatans!

So help us to help others by signing this petition to challenge each and all Pastors?

Over a year ago I sent a letter to each of the "Pastors" with this challenge:  within the next thirty (30) days, amongst you choose one child under the age of 10 from anywhere in the United States who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness.  After they have done this, then amongst you choose another child under the age of 10 who also has been diagnosed with the same or similar malady.  Once chosen, provide me with the one and you [men] take the other.  In the end -- HE who heals the one without pharmaceuticals nor the help and/or aid of any professional affiliated and associated with the medical profession is truly a believer in Christ and anointed.  The others:  charlatans who will IMMEDIATELY make right what they have done ... give back (refund) to each and parishioner the money they have donated to the Pastors also known as the church.  (Luke 12: 10)

 Thank you for your faith and your support.

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