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Petitioning Pastor Rick Christman, Good Shephard Wesleyan Church, and CLA

Pastor Rick Christman, Good Shephard Wesleyan Church, and CLA: Drop the harrassment and menacing report against my 13 year old daughter.

 My name is Tricia and my wife and I have a 13 year old daughter from my previous heterosexual marriage. She has been attending Christian Life Academy for the last 11 years and has been one of the top students in her school, getting a 4.0 gpa every year except one.
On Tuesday Dec,4th she was suspended from her school for a letter she had written to the Pastor of the church who is also the head of the school board, in response to the pastor barring us from showing any PDA's on campus. She was suspended for 5 school days, put on academic probation for the rest of the school year, had her scholarship revoked, and also had a report filed against her by the pastor and the school board for menacing and harrassment. There was even a sherriff's deputy at the meeting and our daughter was so terrified she was hyperventilating! But the "pastor" for whatever reason chose not to attend this meeting himself. They even went so far as notifying other schools in the district about this incident and according to them, my wife and I cant show any pda's on ANY schools property in our community, public OR private. Our daughter supports us 110% and that has nor will NOT change due to this incident. We love and support our daughter as much if not more than she has and continues to love and support us. She is not ashamed of who we are and has proudly stood up in support of her 2 MOMS and the love we have for each other. Nows the time to proudly stand up in support of HER and what she believes to be right! Please show your support for our daughter and sign this petition and share it with everyone you know. "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"!

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  • Pastor Rick Christman, Good Shephard Wesleyan Church, and CLA

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