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Pastor John Wright is suing young woman he had an affair with. Ask him to drop the lawsuit

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Pastor John Wright is suing a young woman with whom he had a yearlong secret sexual relationship, and this petition is an opportunity for his friends, colleagues, students, and congregants to directly request that he drop the lawsuit. Since John's life and work centers around community and mentorship, this is a direct way for his community to express their feelings on the matter.

You can read the full lawsuit here, which admits to the relationship but seeks damages for "recording of confidential information" and "intentional infliction of emotional distress" related to the young woman's decision to expose the relationship to his wife Kathy Wright and to the public. In simple terms, he is suing her because he wanted to keep the relationship secret and she decided to tell people anyways, and his lawsuit tries to make her look desperate and crazy in her attempts to do so.

By signing this petition, you agree that John Wright's lawsuit against this woman is a continuation of abuse and belittlement towards her, and that it perpetuates a culture that keeps victims quiet in fear of being publicly attacked and shamed if they come forward. He has tried to silence her in order to maintain his own credibility and career, and his community will not stand for it.

John Wright, you are not the victim. Drop the lawsuit.


John Wright, pastor of Mid-City Church of the Nazarene and professor at Point Loma Nazarene University, has admitted to a long-term sexual relationship with a 23-year old member of his church, Amy McClanahan. Amy has accused Wright of coercing her into that relationship by offering counseling for PTSD related to sexual abuse and explaining that sex with him would heal her, and has a wealth of evidence to illustrate the nature of their secret relationship.

As response, John and Kathy Wright have sued McClanahan for recording elements of their interactions without consent, and for "intentional infliction of emotional distress". They argue that McClanahan is trying to humiliate, defame, harass, and get revenge on the Wrights, and are seeking financial damages from her.

Reporting on both suits can be found via ABC 10 News and UT San Diego

While the courts will decide the specific legal implications of the relationship, most understand a secret relationship between a married pastor/professor in his 50s and a student/congregant in her 20s to be concerning at best, and a highly manipulative and predatory abuse of power and trust at worst. Those who know John and are familiar with his classroom and church also understand that he is an elder and mentor who many people look up to and come to for support and advice.

If you believe that John Wright's decision to attack Amy McClanahan's credibility is an oppressive act that perpetuates the common fear that keeps victims from coming forward, and protects fellow abusers of the power and trust that comes with being a pastor and professor to young people, please sign the petition.

This petition asks that, at very least, John and Kathy Wright drop the lawsuit they have filed against McClanahan. We collectively stand in solidarity with the victim and believe this lawsuit stands in the way of her dignity and healing process, and contributes to the culture that allows this type of abuse to happen in the shadows.

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