Worldwide Witches for Peace Against Pastor Greg Locke

Worldwide Witches for Peace Against Pastor Greg Locke

February 2, 2022
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Pastor Greg Locke
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Why this petition matters

In lu of recent events we as witches need to speak up and speak out! Not in hate but in TRUTH!!!! We could bash Pastor Greg Locke for what he is doing and saying but what for??? That doesn’t solve anything let’s show the world what witchcraft means to us! We walk in peace and love for our earth and for all walks of life. Witchcraft as a whole has not one set in stone worshipped figure and by that I mean some of us don’t worship anyone, some deities, and some Jesus! And that’s what makes witchcraft beautiful we are accepting of everyone to walk along side us in peace so to see our community being bashed with false accusations and misinformation is sad and down right wrong! we have come so far from the misinformation of long ago why are we allowing this man to preach this… this is a hate crime and hate speech and cult like not the workings of Jesus! We must all come together and fight for our beliefs and freedom!! If you are a witch copy and paste these questions and comment your answers below, let us know what witchcraft means for you!

I am a Witch!

Where are you from live/ nationality - Italian/ American

Do you worship Satan/devil - no I don’t not

Do you use witchcraft to envoke harm or evil - no actually the exact opposite

Have you been practicing your whole life or are you new on the path? Whole life

What drew you to witchcraft? Family

What tools do you use in your craft ?
Candles , herbs, energy

How did it make you feel to see or hear Pastor Greg Lockes Sermons or Facebook rants? Mad! Sad that people actually believe we are evil beings , the need to stand up and speak truth for our incredibly peaceful community

Do you think it’s fair that Facebook thinks this doesn’t go against community standards or isn’t hate speech and is allowing this harmful word be spread?? This is infuriating home on Facebook get it together you can’t curse or you get 30 days of Facebook jail but you allow this??? Straight BuLlSHhhit!!!!!

If you could tell pastor Greg and his followers one things to try and change their mind about witchcraft what would it be ?
Id ask them wwjd? That’s a real serious question because Jesus wouldn’t stand for the hate .. just because you believe it’s evil doesn’t actually make it that because it’s not You can’t make it something evil when it’s not your voice isn’t that loud the TRUTH is louder!


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Signatures: 392Next Goal: 500
Support now