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Petitioning Port Charlotte SDA Church Pastor Brian Cassell and 1 other

Pastor Brian Cassell: Apologize for removing Carlton Williams from Port Charlotte SDA Church Choir for being gay

On December 5th,2012 I met with Pastor Brian and Wretha Lang choir director of Port Charlotte SDA Church in Port Charlotte,Florida. They told me I was no longer able to sing in the church choir because I was gay.

The pastor was well aware I was gay before I joined the choir. During the last sabbath I was at chruch, I received the cold shoulder from some of the members I thought were my friends.

I felt the members were very hypocritical.  I was told I could still attend the church. In response I said,"Why would Iattend when I am being removed from the choir and shunned from other members of the church.

The Port Charlotte SDA Church needs to apologize and make amends by reinstating me to the choir.  They need to practice what it preaches and behave in a christian manner.

Letter to
Port Charlotte SDA Church Pastor Brian Cassell
Port Charlotte SDA Church Wretha Lang Minister of Music
Not happen to other gay and lesbians that attend Port Charlotte SDA Church