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Governor of New York State Governor Kathy Hochul

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Started by Jessica Shepherd

On April 9, 2022 the people of Albany, NY will stand with Scott Desnoyers, demanding justice and healthcare for all.

We will be meeting at East Capitol Park in front of the NYS Capitol to get started, and speak about the issues bringing us together. Then we will make our way to Washington and Lark as a group to better engage with the community.

Please sign this petition if you stand with us in support of The New York Health Act [A.6058/S.5474].


Three years ago, Scott Desnoyers lost his son, Danny.

Danny had missed a $20 charge for his Fidelis premium, and his coverage was suspended before he was aware of the issue. This left him without access to psychiatric medication that he desperately needed, and he tragically committed suicide on April 9, 2019.

Losing Danny devastated the Desnoyers, and changed their lives forever. Now, they now work tirelessly to inform others and raise awareness about the corrupt healthcare system we currently have….A system that decides every day that our lives, and the lives of our children, aren’t even worth $20 each.

The people involved with this act of solidarity are demanding justice for Danny Desnoyers, and healthcare for all. We support ALL single-payer initiatives, and hope to bring state-level achievements to the federal table.

Please join us if you can. And if you are able, please consider making a contribution to the GoFundMe (https://www.gofundme.com/f/the-unforgivable-sin ) to help cover expenses for the Desnoyer family, and other activists traveling to the Fidelis offices in Amherst, NY.

We ask that everyone involved with, or in support of this action contact their representatives - state and federal - and tell them that HEALTHCARE IS A HUMAN RIGHT!

If you live in NY State - Please support the NY Health Act [A.6058/S.5474]

New York Health Act is legislation in New York State that would provide comprehensive, universal health coverage for every New York resident and worker, replacing existing private insurance company coverage. You and your health care providers work to keep you healthy. New York Health pays the bill. This plan is similar to Medicare or the Canadian system — but better.

Instead of having to worry about getting health insurance through your job, spouse, or buying it on your own, all New Yorkers would automatically have their healthcare covered by a public statewide fund, regardless of age, employment, or financial means. Everyone would have access to healthcare the way everyone has access to the fire department, libraries, and schools – public services provided without your ever having to worry about a bill. (https://www.nyhcampaign.org)

The NY Health Act has passed the assembly four years in a row, and with your help…we can win this fight!


A message from Scott Desnoyers to Patrick Frawley:

I am calling on Rev. Frawley to step down as VP Social Responsibilities of Centene as a former CEO of Fidelis Care. Call out Fidelis Care for #TheUnforgivableSin of #LegalizedManslaughter4Profit.

I demand that you (Patrick Frawley) join forces with single payer hero Wendell Potter and shine truth on how health insurance companies deny healthcare to the poorest among us for profits!

I demand you endorse the NYHealthAct as a replacement for your pay-or-die company Fidelis Care. Fidelis Care denied my son Danny's medicine (that would have only cost $20), thus condemning him to death by suicidal drowning.

I demand as a man of the cloth that you advocate every single day for MedicareForAll as a repentance for your sins against humanity. Or... Admit you are no man of god and renounce your title of Priest.

"You cannot profit off the poor and sick and also claim to be a man of God."


For more information on the Albany, NY event, please contact Jessica at M4AIndependent@gmail.com


Thank you.

40 have signed. Let’s get to 50!