Safety for the children of Barnston village

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The school bus route has been changed, alongside it's schedule, by the bus company ACME.  They deliver the contract for passenger transport at Essex County Council for the children from Barnston village to travel to and from the 2 primary schools in Great Dunmow.  Approximately 25 children are part of this bus service and as a family we have used this service for our children for approx 7 years.  In all that time the route has not really changed at all.  There have always been 2 bus stops that serve the village on either side of the main road - the B184.  This is a very busy main road and by encouraging families not to travel across the main road to reach one single bus stop, it ensures the safety of all the children within the village.  A crossing is not allowed on the road as the traffic has been proved (by ECC) to travel too fast for a crossing.  A speed watch campaign has been in existence for many years on the main road and the road has been declassified from and A road to a B road to divert traffic away - to no avail.  From personal experience, emergency vehicles travel at high speed along the main road on a regular basis. 

Over the years there have been times when there have been more children on one side or the other and currently there are more children that alight the bus on the Barnston Green side of the village.  But we have always had the 2 bus stops.  The bus company have however decided (within the last 2 weeks) to remove the bus stop on the other side of the village to Barnston Green, which requires those families to cross the busy main road - 4 times per day - in addition to increasing their walk to the bus stop by up to 12-15 minutes - for the 4 journies.  (There and back, in the morning and the afternoon) I have tried to discuss the situation with the bus company but unfortunately, to no avail. 

I am therefore asking for your support to request that Essex County Council, who award the contract to the bus company, do not support their decision and ensure that the bus stop is re-instated.  This would ensure the safety of all the children of the village for many years to come.  I firmly believe that if the bus stop is removed from the route it is a decision based on efficiency and not safety and I worry that the bus stop will never return to the route, putting future families from both sides of the village at risk.

Please sign the petition if you feel you could support me with this. 

Thank you in advance.