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Stop Cruel Bull Riding Event

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Promoters billed a "bull riding" event (August 2013) organized by Ramiro Zuniga, owner of the Fiesta Night Club in Passaic, as a showcase for Mexican culture. Instead, the rodeo celebrated cruelty.

The impetus behind rodeo animal “bucking” is not breeding or natural behavior. The tools of the trade are Hot Rod electric prods, also used in slaughterhouses, and leather “bucking straps” pulled and yanked over the bull’s genitals.

It is searing pain and fear, over and over again, that compels bulls to flail wildly in an effort to throw the rider off. Bull riding is entertainment based on hurting and tormenting animals. It has no place in  Passaic or anywhere.

Join the League of Humane Voters of New Jersey (LOHV‐NJ) in calling on the Passaic City Council to reject bull riding and refuse granting permission to organizers to hold this cruel event.



Please email to join local activists and LOHV‐NJ in our efforts


to stop this cruelty.








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