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Pass the DISCLOSE 2012 Act

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DISCLOSE 2012 will provide "We The People" with the solution we need to the problems arising from the Supreme Court's "Citizens United" decision. The Act will protect free speech while at the same time ensure that we know who, exactly, is financing the messages intent on manipulating the American voter.

Like the similarly entitled bill introduced and defeated in 2010 (that's right -- Congress has failed to protect us before), House Resolution 4010, the Disclosure of Information on Spending on Campaigns Leads to Open and Secure Elections Act of 2012, aims to increase the reporting requirements of political expenditures and contributions by corporations and other outside groups.

Corporations, unions, and other groups, will be required to report certain campaign-related activity to the Federal Election Commission (FEC), to disclose their campaign-related expenditures to their shareholders and members, and to make their political spending available to the public, through a hyper-link to the FEC, on their websites.

In his press release, Congressman Van Hollen states, “I urge my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to support this legislation – if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear from the DISCLOSE 2012 Act.”

The bill also requires lobbyists to disclose their political expenditures in their lobbying disclosure reports in conjunction with the report of their lobbying activities.

Whether you're a Republican, a Democrat, an Independent, a Libertarian or whatever... you're an American first and should support this Act which provides each of us with a little more of the information we need in order to be educated and informed voters.

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