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New York's animal abuse laws are outdated and ineffective. To protect defenseless animals, we need stronger, clearer laws to hold those who abuse animals criminally responsible.

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New York State Senators & Assemblymembers
Defenseless animals need our help to keep them safe, and prosecutors and police officers need better laws to punish those who abuse them. New York's animal crimes laws date back to the mid-1800s and we need to clarify, modernize, and restructure the laws that protect innocent animals who cannot protect themselves. That's why I encourage you to support the Consolidated Animal Crimes Bill (A.775-A/S.1776) to give police officers and prosecutors better tooks to keep animals safe, and to hold those who abuse them criminally responsible.

Stronger protections for animals will help keep violent criminals from harming people as well. Dogfighting rings are very often linked to violent street gangs, and volumes of evidence show that those who abuse animals are also likely to harm humans.

This common sense bill has widespread support from animal advocates of every political stripe, and I encourage you to pass this important legislation now.

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