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Pass Laws to Protect People & Pets from Deadly Contact Voltage

Contact Voltage is a lethal safety hazard in which electricity leaks from decaying and faulty electric utility equipment, causing publicly accessible objects -- like fences, manhole covers, and sidewalks -- to become energized. Contact voltage has injured or killed people and pets around the world. 

EVERY STATE needs contact voltage testing laws because:

• Contact voltage has killed people and pets in New York City, Providence, Seattle, Chicago, Cleveland, Miami, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Denver, Sacramento, San Diego, Honolulu, Detroit, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Omaha, Columbus, Santa Fe, Boston, Lexington, Vancouver and Toronto.

• Contact voltage hazards have been found in all 50 states.

• Most electric utilities do nothing to protect the public from contact voltage hazards.

• Mobile contact voltage testing is the only proven means of detecting these dangers. At this time, mandatory mobile testing occurs only in New York State -- and to a limited extent in Maryland.

In partnership with the Deanna’s Lyric Foundation, the Contact Voltage Information Center (CVIC) is petitioning all state and national legislators to enact contact voltage testing laws nationwide.

Please sign this petition urging your lawmakers to learn about this issue and take proactive steps towards mitigating electrical hazards. Pass it along to your friends and family-- you will make a difference.

By the time we learned of Contact Voltage, it was too late:

On May 5, 2006, our 14-year old daughter, Deanna Camille Green, was killed by 277 volts of electricity when she touched a wire fence in a city park during our church’s softball game in Baltimore, MD. Her young life was horrifically taken from us by an invisible danger lurking beneath our city streets and parks: contact voltage. Ever since, we have been on a mission to preserve our daughter’s memory by preventing other families from experiencing a similar tragedy. We have testified twice before the Maryland and Rhode Island General Assemblies and are on a national campaign to educate citizens and lawmakers alike on this issue to help pass contact voltage testing laws.

We need your help to enhance national public safety measures and protect innocent lives! Please sign this petition and visit for full coverage of the issue.

Thank you,

 Anthony “Bubba” and Nancy Green

Executive Directors of The Deanna’s Lyric Foundation


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