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Pass "Carol's Law", to end online virtual-world addictions...

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On June 17th, 2017, my mother unexpectedly passed away. Seven months prior to that date, she had discovered a game called "Second Life", a virtual world-simulator game, created by the company Linden Research Inc., also known as Linden Labs. She had broken off connections with her friends in real life over those seven months, and she became solely focused on Second Life, quitting her work, pushing her lifetime friends away, and even pushing me away. Combined with her poor health, I knew this would happen eventually, especially with her tendencies to develop pulmonary embolisms... but I could do nothing to stop it this time.

I would like the U.S. government to pass "Carol's Law", which would require developers of virtual-world games to send out in-game messages to players that spend an excessive amount of time in the game, which would be required to contain (videogame) addiction help resources for those who need them.

My mother died because of bad decisions and bad design. Why should any other family suffer because of a mismanaged virtual-world?

Sign this petition to show Linden Labs, and the world, that you won't stand for rampant videogame addiction in the virtual-world genre...

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