Stop Pasco County from changing the bell schedule

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Pasco County wants to change the bell schedule for high schoolers in a way that will inhibit them from performing the best way they can in school. They plan on changing bell schedules for shorter lunches and longer periods. While this may seem beneficial, it takes away many freedoms that high schoolers use to benefit their education and out of school lives.

Under the current bell schedule, students have hour long lunches, where many students sit in the lunch room during this time. But quite a few students use this time for academics instead. They go make up tests that they missed while they were sick, or talk to teachers and peers to help gain understanding on a subject they may struggle with. By shortening lunches to 30 mins, students lose a lot of time they could apply to enhancing their education.

Students also put their lunches during the last period of the day, which allows them to leave an hour early from school. For many students, they use this time to go home and work on homework in a quiet environment, or more importantly, take a shift at work. Some job shifts start at 2, and the only way students can work for that shift is if they can leave school an hour early at 1pm. By taking away hour long lunches, you restrict access to making self sufficient and job holding students. 

By signing this petition, Pasco County may realize that they are not making the right decisions by trying to change high school schedules. Parents and students who care about making sure high schoolers in Pasco County keep their current schedule so that they can effectively make their own academic and independent decisions should help be an active voice of reason in Pasco County.

Current bell schedule: 7:23 – 8:18​ Period 1 / 8:24 – 9:15​ Period 2 / 9:21 – 10:12 Period 3 / 10:18 – 11:08​ Period 4 / 11:14 – 12:04​ Period 5 / 12:10 – 1:00​ Period 6 / 1:06 – 1:56​ Period 7 ***lunch falls in one of the periods 4-7

New suggested bell schedule: Changes it to 6 periods a day, with longer periods containing split lunches that are only 30 mins long. School still starts and ends at the same time, but you can no long get a last period lunch and early release.

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