Get rid of the the racist, transphobic, patriarchal River Ridge 'Royal Knight' mascot

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The River Ridge 'Royal Knight' mascot symbolizes oppression in the form of :

- Transphobia (literally no knight was trans)

- Homophobia (knights weren't allowed to be gay)

- Christianity (they're bigots)

- Anti-Muslim sentiment (haven't you heard of the Crusades???)

- The Patriarchy (chivalry)

- The War on Women (Why couldn't women fight?)

- Imperialism (they conquered other people's lands)

- Whiteness (and glorification of 'White Knights')


We, the Enforcers of Tolerance, immediately DEMAND the following:

- A recorded unequivocal apology from all members of the Pasco School Board on your knees.

- A new River Ridge mascot to be decided by a vote of only trans, Pakistani, and/or black students.

- Reparations to be paid to the psychologists of the deeply traumatized Muslim students who have felt personally threatened by the presence of a 'Royal Knight' on campus.


Keep up the great fight comrades. Never give up.