Protect our Neighborhood and the Weeki Wachee Spring

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Robert Howell
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Stop the Insanity and the assault on the environment in Pasco County Florida!!

7 Diamonds LLC has filed for a limerock mine on 294 acres in North Central Pasco County. This property lies in the Weeki Wachee Springshed, an impaired Magnitude 1 spring in Florida. The property borders the Jumping Gully Preserve and the Cross-Bar Starkey wildlife corridor. It is within a mile of the Crews Lake Wilderness Park. The County has spent millions of tax payer dollars to build these facilities. The mine is within a half mile of the Cross Bar wellfield, supplying millions of gallons of water to Pinellas County every day.The Southwest Florida Water Management District has identified the area as environmentally sensitive and discourages development in the area. 

The mine is bordered on the east by poor communities that are being economically exploited since they do not have the means to fight back. There are small businesses here, a horse rescue ranch, an Orchid farm, a small electronics lab, an RV park; none of them will see anything but detriment to their businesses. This mine will penetrate the Floridan Aquifer for 90 feet - impairing wells which are the only local source of water.

The mine is owned by two of the richest and most influential individuals in Pasco County. It is totally unnecessary. There are 10 other limerock mines within Florida Department of Transportation District 7, the district this mine is within. One of these is 3000 acres in size. There is no need for this additional mine!

If you are resident of Pasco County please sign this petition to protect your investment in recreational lands and your environment.

If you are resident of Hernando County please sign this petition to protect Weeki Wachee Springs, your greatest tourist attraction.

Anyone else, please sign this petition to express your displeasure with Money running roughshod over citizens for nothing but a notch on the Corporate belt.

Only the concerted voice of people will block this mine. If not, North Central Pasco will join the long list of communities and areas destroyed by greed.

Thank you!

The team against 7 Diamonds Mine!