Plastic straws are not fantastic: do not use them

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The use of plastic straws has a negative effect on our earth's ocean. They pollute the water and makes surviving a challenge for marine life. Around 71% of birds and 30% of sea turtles have been discovered with plastics in their abdomen. If so, their chances of surviving will decrease by 50% (CSIRO). In our food chain, we eat the fish, the fish eats the plastic so that results that we eat the polluted plastic too. 

Mainly, humans are responsible for the plastic straws in the ocean. First, they were littered everywhere, then the wind takes them to the beach shore, then the strong currents of the ocean takes them everywhere in the ocean. Some end up stranded on shore somewhere else and some stay in the ocean and gets eaten by marine life. The straws stuck in the ocean are broken into smaller and smaller pieces and called "microplastics" which make a gigantic threat to marine wildlife. 

We want to convince people to stop using plastic straws forever. If we don't take action now, more plastic than fish will be seen in our oceans by 2050. Instead, try at least try to use metal or paper straws. "If you make this choice, we all can raise the awareness of plastic in the oceans and keep these straws off our beaches" (Jambeck). 

I might be only an Eighth Grader but I want to advocate for change and make the world a better place.