New Skatepark for Pasadena, Texas

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We are petitioning in order to show the demand for a new skate park in Pasadena, Texas. With the 2020 Olympics just around the corner, and the sheer number of skateboarders, BMX riders, inline skaters, and scooter enthusiast that live in the city, we believe that with enough signatures we can persuade the City of Pasadena Council to provide us with a local, top of the range extreme sport complex.

Currently, we live with the daily struggle of trying to find somewhere to ride without being turned away by security guards and/or police officers. Our options are very limited in Pasadena and surrounding areas. We are very grateful that we do have some a small skate park currently residing in Memorial park between Shaver and Richey St. on W. Jackson Ave. But it has been slowly deteriorating over the past 10 years since it was built on an existing slab of concrete previously used as a tennis court. It was built with no input from the local riders, so for this reason they simply do not properly suit our needs and the material & design is sub-par. The fence has been removed allowing spectators and children to freely walk into a hazardous area. A few accidents have occurred to due this issue, as well as crime. Local skateboarders have been victims of assault with deadly weapons. This may have been prevented if there was an enclosure. Our only other option is to travel to the nearest cities with skate parks, such as: League City, Southeast Houston, Downtown Houston, Baytown, Alvin, Texas City, Spring, etc. We could be pumping more revenue in the surrounding business in Pasadena if we have an updated skate park that will attract riders from all over Texas.

We hope that the City of Pasadena Council recognizes this petition. And with the ever-growing population of Pasadena and with these sports becoming more and more recognized by the world, we NEED this now more than ever! I believe that if we can display how strong the demand in Pasadena is, they absolutely must follow suit with other cities and provide us with the facilities to do what we love. Please share and support! “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” -Gandhi