Reduce the waiting list time for NHS autism assessments

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The beautiful boy in the picture is our son Nathan who we love so much. We just want to help him in every way possible.

We’ve suspected Nathan was autistic since he was 18 months old. Now at the age of 5 years and 6 months we are still waiting to know for sure. Despite both myself and my husband being pushy Nathan is on a NHS waiting list of 50-55 weeks. We just want an answer either way and feel we need to go down the private route to get an answer. I feel a diagnosis would help Nathan get better support throughout his life. 

At the moment Nathan is in a mainstream school where he gets no additional funding. He has a speech delay that has a massive impact on his life. He can’t tell me what he wants for his birthday, whats his favourite food or more importantly he can’t tell me when he is scared, feeling poorly or anxious. His speech also effects those milestone moments like teaching him to ride a bike or teaching him to hold a pencil properly and write his name. When we read him a story we don’t know if he truly understands.  Nathan also struggles socially, gets anxious in new scenarios and has sensory issues. 

We’ve been waiting for an answer since Nathan was 18 months and another 50-55 weeks on top of this is unfair.  Whilst a diagnosis won’t change Nathan in anyway, we will know if he is or isn’t autistic and as parents this will be the best feeling ever. We know our son better than anyone, but we feel we can’t say for definite he is autistic because we don’t have anything off a medical expert. Also what if he isn’t autistic? We need to know this so we can explore the other possibilities.

The thing is there are lots of families like ours and I want to try to do something to help these families which is why I’m writing this petition.

Thank you for reading and thank you for signing xxx