Participation of the original cast of “Gossip Girl” in the reboot

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Hello Upper East Sides, fans of the Blog girl in the area!  To tell you that the HBO television station will record a reboot of the series “Gossip Girl”

  The producers said the reboot will feature 10 one-hour episodes, said on HBO Max. And the original cast will not be present!  In fans we want the original cast too, this series is nothing without them!

  Many have said that they would like to participate if they had a good script (and contrary to what false news says, no one in the cast ever fought or hated his role!)  This would be a unique chance to see them reunited on the Upper East Side streets.  So we are going to pressure HBO to invite the original cast to participate.

If there is no possibility that they will participate in the first season of the reboot fans will love a second season WHICH HAS THE ORIGINAL CAST PARTICIPATION! 
We count on everyone's help to sign and share this petition⚠︎︎

You know you love me

X.O.X.O,  Gossip Girlఌ


  More about the reboot☟︎
  ⁣ “eight years after the end of Gossip Girl, a new generation of teenagers from private schools in New York is introduced to Gossip Girl's surveillance.  The prestigious series will address how much social media - and the New York landscape - has changed over the next few years. "And it will feature a new elite of young people!