Dear all mpbians,
Many of you must have been taught by
or have known our dear Partha sir. We are sure that we consider him to be a man of dignity and integrity. HE IS IN

A student of class XII has filed a
molestation case against him. The
school, instead of investigating the
matter tried to force him to resign.
When he did not comply, as resigning
would mean accepting the charges, the
school suspended him. It has
constituted an enquiry committee
which has not taken any action till date and has left him in the lurch. The least we can do is express our support for him.

This petition will be sent to the school
management to express our faith in
sirs character.

Please sign the petition for him to give
your support.

For further queries, you can contact
Avro paul- 8961318119

We would be glad if you can come
forward with more help and ideas.

Letter to
Partha Pratim Pal
We, the undersigned, have come to learn from students presently studying in our Alma mater(M.P. Birla FHS) that our respectable teacher, Mr. Partha Pratim Pal has been suspended from teaching and such suspension has been imposed based on a complaint lodged on the grounds of alleged sexual harassment/ misdemeanor.
We firmly believe ,having been his students for several years, that he is entirely incapable of such actions. He is a man of utmost integrity, strong principles, firm virtues and high moral character. We have known him to have done great service to the institution and to the cause of teaching for the past 15 years or so. Based on these convictions, we have every reason to believe that our beloved teacher has been falsely implicated with the charges.
We consider it shameful that the institution has acted with such haste in suspending Mr. Partha Pratim Pal . We appeal to the school authorities to immediately reinstate Mr. Partha Pratim Pal to his post and are confident that the result of any enquiry, if fairly conducted, would be in his favour.

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