An unacceptable title "Mental Hai Kya?", Bollywood needs to sensitize not sensationalize.

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Mental health disorders are already stigmatized in India and the upcoming film "Mental Hai Kya", the title of it, the posters of it project insensitivity towards mental health disorders as well as people suffering from it.
Bollywood definatley has a huge impact on the audiences and anything that conveys disrespect has to be objected.

I strongly support Indian Psychiatric Society and two of its most important demands
1) To remove the title of the movie on an immediate basis preventing further damage to the modesty of mental health service users
2) Demand to censor any sequence violating the rights of the person with mental disorder

I request you all to join hands and make our entertainment industry aware that it is NOT OKAY to disregard, ridicule , spread misinformation or sensationalize something that actually requires sensitivity.