A Petition to Allow Cannabis Distribution Centers in Parsippany.

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Recently, Parsippany town councilman Michael J. dePierro has petitioned to oppose cannabis distribution centers in Parsippany. He argues the fact that adult-use legalization would cause unregulated delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinal (commonly known as THC) levels in cannabis products. He acknowledges that a significant number of our residents do not oppose medical cannabis legalization.

We are aware that the Parsippany Mayor and a majority of the Township Council passed a resolution volunteering Parsippany to host Distribution Centers. We feel that Parsippany should stand by that resolution and should seek further education on the impact cannabis businesses can have on a community. Distribution centers could contribute greatly to the quality of life in our township and provide adults with a safe, friendly and knowledgeable environment. A well-regulated industry ensures business owners are maintaining their integrity, for fear of losing their licenses; it has also proven to combat the well-documented opioid crisis. We want to make sure that our elected officials are properly educated on this matter before making any decision that would affect so many citizens.

We understand the fear and risk that a child may accidentally ingest a cannabis product, but all regulated cannabis products are distributed in childproof packaging. Also, neither medicinal or adult use cannabis products have been a leading cause of deaths. There have been multiple documented cases in which children have ingested everyday household products that have resulted in deaths. We agree with NJ Assemblywoman Annette Quijano, that it becomes an adults responsibility to keep cannabis products away from children, the same as alcohol and prescription medicine. We believe the best way to prevent this, is a regulated safe environment in the hands of adults responsible enough to keep it away from children.

One of the things this township prides itself on, is being apart of the Morris County Stigm-Free Communities Initiative. Parsippany has always been a safe place to live, we feel that cannabis distribution centers will not do anything to change those morals. If you agree please sign and share this petition. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Green Passion Industries