Parramatta Female Factory - Federal Petition for World Heritage

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Parramatta Female Factory - Federal Petition for World Heritage

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Why this petition matters

Parramatta Female Factory is the earliest surviving convict female site in Australia. It predates all but three of the World Heritage Convict sites. One in seven Australians are descended from the women who passed through its doors. Our Australian Identity is bound up in the histories of the female factory.

The only sure way for the site to remain in public hands with access for all Australians to this heritage is for it to be included as part of the World Heritage Listing for Convict sites.

Our petition is specifically that:

We therefore ask the House to do all in its power to enable the site:

1. To be declared a site of World Heritage significance by nominating it as a World Heritage Site to the World Heritage Committee Secretariat of UNESCO;

2. To become a living museum and national resource centre;

3. To be managed by a joint Federal and State government trust with the expertise to conserve and interpret the site in accordance with the guidelines of the Burra Charter.

For more information: 

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Petition Closed

This petition had 4,358 supporters

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