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Parolee Rights

Here’s what happened to me; (My issue involved Colorado and NYS)

1) was released from prison in Dec. 07 after severing 7 months longer then I was sentenced.

2) someone tried to kill me near the Denver Shelter … I moved to a parole approved hotel and called my Parole officer who instructed me to return to the shelter (despite my having the money to be in the Parole Approved hotel and despite the offence taking place 2 minutes from the shelter).

3) After returning to the shelter I encountered another issue with the same people. My Parole officer told me to remain at the shelter or go to Jail. Instead I ran (absconded) to NY to be safe with my wife and kids.

4) 6 months later they picked me up and returned me to Colorado Prison. I asked for a lawyer several times to plead why I absconded and how I was denied my safety twice. My request was denied. My Parole Officer visited me while in Jail to tell me I would never see my son (living in NY with my wife, now 5 months old) and she taunt me some more.

5) I was again released to Mandatory Parole in Fed. 2009. I put in for a transfer to NYS but was denied due to manifested issues. (a case that was dismissed and a reason found untrue). At that point my Parole Officer reminded me that because My wife tried to fight for my rights she got some people in trouble and due to that I was reminded that several Parole Officers would love to have my case.

6) Now I continue to live in transitional housing where my landlord threatens me with Parole every other day, using Parole to break rent agreements. One of my roommates leaves bodily fluids all around the house and food which leads to maggots around the house (inside and out) he also tells me and our 3rd roommate to do things for him or he will tell our Parole Officers things we are not doing. I am the only working Parolee in the house and asked my Parole officer if I could relocate to a more suited place, cleaner and safer. I was denied that request, she told me to stay put, go to the shelter or go to jail (sound familiar? This is the second time this happened to me, only different circumstance).


I can not help but to think other Parolee’s are being treated unfairly in the same and different ways. First I severed 7 months more then my sentence, then I was put in harms way then jailed after trying to save my own life, then denied legal representation, then denied a transfer based on bogus issues, then put in a unclean, unsafe environment.

 My cause/fight is Parolee rights;

1) The right to legal representation when a situation arises where a Parolee’s rights have been violated.

2) The right to reside in a home that is clean, safe, and financially suitable to the Parolee’s income, with out delay or confrontation and/or threats to stay put or go to the shelter or jail.

3) The right to live with our loved ones when available who have no criminal record and are clean and safe.

4) The right to have a non-argumentative debate with our Parole Officer with no judgment and/or punishment.

5) The right to witness and/or written notes to verify a conversation. We should be allowed to have a witness or 3rd party present when dealing with Parole/law enforcement because as it stands now we’re not allowed to record or have witnesses to what they say or do but they can on us. I fail to see the fairness in that. We should be allowed to either have a witness or to have the conversation put in writing (such as what they do with police reports) where they write their understanding of the conversation and we write ours and both sign it, then on the spot we Parolee’s get a copy, so that we can all prove what was said and when (protects the Parole Officer and the Parolee).

6) The right to work with out being punished for missing a class due to work requirements. I was told I would be in violation if I didn’t attend classes, I work in construction some times 10-15 hour days and I’m expected to blow off work for a class. We should never be put in a position where we have to chose between working to pay our bills or be violated for not completing a class.

7) Parolee tip line. Parolee’s often hate to report their Parole officers because it makes our lives worse. We should be given a tip line where we can report incidents as discreetly as possible and it will be investigated with out judgment and consequence. Obviously if the same officer is reported on the same issues the department has an issue with that officer. A tip line helps Parolee’s and helps the department in finding officers that invade human rights and officers who abuse their power.


I am not asking for anything that shouldn’t already be in place. I feel this protects Parolee’s and Parole Officers alike. Please sign this petition and ask the state of Colorado and every other American state to protect us all fairly and punish us fairly. If you would like to see these laws take effect or be outlined if already in effect then please sign this petition and say “YES” to Parolee rights.


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