Should a man be rewarded for taking a life?

Should a man be rewarded for taking a life?

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BRYAN HACKLEY started this petition to PAROLE Denial

Background Info for McNeely

1962 – Incarcerated for 36 months on an Armed Robbery charge and paroled for good behavior

1968 – Disorderly Conduct charge

1974/1975 – Severe drinking problem

July 12, 1976 – Wife and son left him

July 19, 1976 – Day of the murder – McNeely was drinking heavily at the Green Lantern Inn and stated “someone should be killed”. While driving intoxicated, McNeely hit a bridge abutment. Officer Stanley let him off with a warning. McNeely then went home and selected a 12 gauge shotgun, a .22 magnum revolver, and a .22-250 rifle; which according to McNeely’s own testimony were each kept in different rooms of his home. He then gathered the ammunition for each of these weapons. McNeely parked across the alley from the Coshocton Police Department and entered the building through an alley door. After entering the police department building he shot Officer Stanley, (who was unarmed at the time), with the 12 gauge shotgun. He then followed Officer Stanley through the corridor to the front of the department and shot him again with the .22 caliber magnum revolver. Officer Stanley collapsed to the sidewalk in front of the building. Two officers responding to the call of Officer Down apprehended McNeely while he was still at the scene. At 10:05 pm Officer Stanley died from the gunshot wounds.

1977 – McNeely was charged and convicted by a jury of 12 of the offense of Aggravated Murder. He was sentenced by Judge Estill to die by electrocution.

1978 – The Supreme Court of the State of Ohio after considering the judgment of the Supreme Court of the United States in cases of Lockett v. Ohio and Bell v. Ohio modified death sentences to life imprisonment with possibility of parole. This decision reduced McNeely’s death sentence.

1991 – McNeely is eligible for parole. Thanks to the overwhelming support of letters and signatures requesting his request for parole to be denied, McNeely did not get paroled

2001 – McNeely is eligible for parole again. Letters were written and signatures collected and sent to the Ohio Parole Board. Again I had to go talk with the Parole Board and relive that horrible day. Thankfully parole was again denied.

2006 – McNeely is eligible for parole. Again I met with the Parole Board with letters and petitions. Once more, the Board denied his parole.

2011 – McNeely is eligible for parole. Again, we gathered signatures and letters and relived the pain and memories of that horrible night. Again, McNeely was denied parole due to all of the letters and petitions.

2020 – McNeely, who was sentenced to die by electrocution is eligible for parole again. He is now 77 years old. If he is paroled this time, he will still be on government assistance; therefore the government will still be paying for him. He not only needs to be incarcerated…he DESERVES to be incarcerated. Please help block his parole by writing letters to the Ohio Parole Board or signing a petition.

(All information was obtained through articles in the Coshocton Tribune, Columbus Dispatch, Certified Copy of Death Certificate, and Court Records from Common Pleas of Holmes County Courthouse)

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