Free Our Brother

Free Our Brother

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Parole Board Of NY Department Of Corrections

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Started by Maria Cartagena

Our brother Ray has been incarcerated for over 28 years, for a crime that had / has No evidence against him. Just a broken system that had it out for his since the age of 12. He’s been railroaded by Suffolk county court as well as district attorney. 
He has been hit 6 times by the board of parole. Living in the belly of the beast while having to live watching his back day in and day out. He’s been stabbed by other incarcerated thrown down stairs by the ones who are to serve and protect us. He’s been shot in the yard by the officers in tower when 4 men jumped him and he was protecting his life.

We need our brother home. He has loss his son as well as 2 brothers in 2021. A nephew in 2018 

Our brother is a loving man, who’s been through way too much torture for a crime he didn’t commit. Enough Is Enough. Release him. 


541 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!