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Please sign and share this petition to keep violent repeat dangerous murderer CHARLES GAGNE in prison to serve out his natural life and not be granted parole or release from prison before he dies. On April 6 2001 in Mississauga Ont. CANADA Charles Gagne manipulated corrections Canada and did not follow the terms of his day parole, he left his boundary and committed a horrific double homicide in broad daylight in a busy plaza, then pulled his gun on a innocent man to hijack his vehicle. Charles had a choice that day and he CHOSE to murder Canadian boxing Champ and legend EDDIE MELO and his childhood friend Joao Pavao in cold blood.Charles is a violent career criminal who has zero regard for authority or human life. He is a danger to anyone who comes in contact with him. CG made the decision that day to completely devastate my life, my families lives and those that knew my dad, Eddie Melo. Charles has a long criminal history w many violent offences, gun offences, as well as murder in the 1st degree which he pleaded down to 2nd degree in order to testify against his co-accused. My children will never hear their grandfathers laugh, feel his bear hugs or get to know the incredible man Eddie Melo was, all because of Charles Gagne. This murder has generational affects, as well as on going pain and grief felt daily from our family and loved ones because CG is a cold blooded murderer. Our "system" needs to change and it needs your signatures to Ontario federal Ombudsman Sue O'Sullivan for victims of crime. The public should be very concerned for their lives and safety if this murderer is able to walk amongst us before he dies in prison, because he is eligible for parole. Charles did get a "life sentence" with eligibility for parole after 12 years. 12 years for taking away 2 beautiful men from their children and families? That doesn't seem like JUSTICE to me. We are the ones left behind that are truly given the "life sentence" everyday is painful grief filled struggle that my dad isn't here. I would never want anyone else to suffer the way we are because Charles Gagne is released from prison. He has already taken so much it's immeasurable, keep him where he belongs... IN PRISON... please sign and share so he doesn't destroy anyone else's family.