Help Keep Pedophile/Child Murderer in Prison - LIFE MEANS LIFE

Help Keep Pedophile/Child Murderer in Prison - LIFE MEANS LIFE

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Rebecca Darnell started this petition to Parole Board of Canada and

To:            The Prime Minister of Canada
                  Mr. Justin Trudeau
80 Wellington Street
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And To:   The Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada
                 The Honourable David Lametti
House of Commons
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And To:    Member of Parliament Cloverdale-Langley City
                 Tamara Jansen
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And To:    Member of Parliament North Okanagan-Shushwap
                 Mel Arnold
3105 29th Street
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This is a Petition from the friends and family of Heather Aspin Thomas, born in 1990 and deceased in 2000. 

The family and friends of Heather Aspin Thomas want and need the Government of Canada to:

  1. Review the release of Ertmoed and overturn the decision of the Parole Board.
  2. Convene a Public Inquiry into:
    a. Sentencing and incarceration of pedophiles who have taken a life;
    b. Treatment of surviving victims who are not provided with adequate support or resources;
    c. Make recommendations to include consideration of no release under any circumstances of any person who takes the life of another for sexual gratification; and
    d. When does Life mean Life when a prison sentence is ordered.

                                          Heather's Story

Heather was abducted while playing outside of her home, sexually assaulted and brutally murdered by Shane Ertmoed on October 1, 2000 in Cloverdale, British Columbia.  Despite the extraordinary efforts of Ertmoed to create an alibi and dispose of Heather’s body in the most inhumane manner possible by placing Heather’s remains into a hockey bag and taking her to a nearby forested area where he left her brutalized remains, Ertmoed later went back to where he left her and moved her remains to a nearby lake where he then placed the bag into the water and sunk it to the bottom. However, Ertmoed was unsuccessful in creating an alibi and was subsequently charged and tried by a Judge and Jury receiving a sentence of LIFE IN PRISON WITHOUT PAROLE FOR 25 YEARS. 

Ertmoed has made numerous applications for escorted temporary absences from the prison since his arrest and on May 4, 2021, the Parole Board of Canada granted his request.

Ertmoed is now permitted outside of the prison, albeit an already minimum-security institution near Victoria, BC, for up to 8 hours a day 5 days a week. It has been advised that he will be employed by a non-profit organization to clean up public parks and trails, which are frequented by young children, teenagers and families. 

Ertmoed disclosed during the parole hearing that he recently had a disturbing sexual urge, when he viewed the NCAA Gymnastics Championship on television. Ertmoed further disclosed that he keeps journals of his triggers, which he does not share with anyone and attends to shredding them on a monthly basis.  Even in hearing these disturbing admissions of ongoing sexually deviant urges, the parole board approved the request for temporary absences to assist him to rehabilitate and reintegrate into our society.  Ertmoed’s victims ranged in age from 7 years to 18 years and he on several occasions avoided detection by manipulation, lying and covering up.

Please join us by signing this Petition for presentation in Parliament.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!
At 25,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!