Keep Samantha Knight's killer behind bars until he dies

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This man has never shown any remorse for killing anyone. He has never revealed where Samantha Knight's body has been buried. He still has interests in children, do we really want to make the mistake of letting scum like this live in our society and only be monitored for 5 years after his release. Most people would not know who he is or what he's done, how in the heck is a parent suppose to protect their children if he's released back into society where he has protection from society. He should be kept in prison for the rest of his natural life because he still poses an enormous threat to every single child. Why should he be allowed to live out the rest of his days out in the open and preying on the innocent. Do we really want another case like Jill Meagher, whereas somebody reoffends on parole and takes another life because the justice system failed to protect society.  We need to stop protecting people such as this and get tough on sentencing. If you kill somebody then you should remain behind bars for the rest of your life especially if it's an innocent child.