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Oppose the release of Paul S. Schaffner, prisoner A289612

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Demand Justice for Brittney Marie Billette. On October 16, 1993, Brittney Marie Billette was beaten and murdered by Paul S. Schaffner. Brittney was only 18 months old when her life was brutally taken from her. Brittney's skull was crushed down into her spine, her ribs were broken and her brain swelled from hard blows to the head. The doctors that examined Brittney stated that she had broken ribs that were healing due to previous beatings as well as burn welts on her back and her legs that appeared to be in the healing process also. It was proven that Brittney was being beaten before she was murdered. Paul S. Schaffner admitted to beating Brittney resulting in her death.
Paul S. Schaffner was convicted of INVOL. MANSLAUGHTER in 1994, due to a plea bargain that the state of Ohio felt was for the best to make sure Paul S. Schaffner would serve time for the crime he committed. Paul S. Schaffner was sentenced 10-25 years.
Paul S. Schaffner has been in front of the Parole Board 3 times since his conviction and was denied release.
Since the time of conviction, the maximum sentence for INVOL. MANSLAUGHTER in the state of Ohio was reduced to 15 years.
Paul S. Schaffner will be going in front of the Parole Board in July 2013, to be considered for release.
Paul S. Schaffner has served 20 years for beating and murdering an innocent 18 month old baby girl who could not defend herself. Please give Brittney Marie Billette the justice she deserves.
We, the undersigned, strongly oppose the release of Paul S. Schaffner. We, the undersigned, demand that Paul S. Schaffner serve the maximum sentence of 25 years that he was given. We, the undersigned, hope and believe that the Parole Board for the State of Ohio will decide to keep Paul S. Schaffner in prison for the maximum sentence of 25 years for beating and causing the death of Brittney Marie Billette.

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