Unban electric motorised skateboards on bike/footpaths & roads in South Australia

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In 1970 the very first motorised skateboard to appear was called the "Motoboard" which was ran entirely on gasoline. It was dangerous, loud, terrible for the environment and was soon banned.

Jump to 2018 motorised skateboards are safer, much more environmentally friendly by running on a lithium-ion or lithium-poly battery (creates ZERO carbon emissions) and are rising in popularity within the Australian public.

In 2015 California LIFTED the 1977 ban on electric skateboards, which has now made electric skateboards a legitimate form of transport throughout California, New York City, and many other states. Lifting this ban allowed electric skateboarders to use marked bike lanes throughout the city, creating a safer environment for pedestrians and the riders themselves.

The same year, 2015 on November 25th the new cycling laws were announced and put into action October 25th, promoting safer riding conditions and more eco-friendly transportation around South Australia. At the same time the law banned the use of 'motorised wheeled recreational devices'

Currently, you are not allowed to use motorised skateboards on public roads, footpaths or nature strips, ONLY PRIVATE PROPERTY. If you are caught riding even a safe 12km/h electric skateboard marketed as a TOY, you can be face with a $412 fine for possessing an unregistered motor vehicle and a further $711 for using an unregistered motor vehicle (source - http://www.mylicence.sa.gov.au/road-rules/riding_motorised_scooters).

How ridiculous that an individual can be fined $1323 for using a safe, eco-friendly motorised TOY!?

The average passenger vehicle produces 4.7 METRIC TONNE A YEAR of carbon dioxide, whilst electric skateboards DO NOT produce ANY Carbon Emissions during use

However, admitedly electric skatebaords do produce on average, for a 8Ah battery, abought 1.19kg (CO2e). and with daily charges that's only 434.35kg (CO2e) per year! That's over 10 TIMES an average passenger car




By changing the law on electric skateboards and granting the same rules and privilege as cyclists, it is not only:

Promoting a much more environmentally friendly journey to and from work/school 
Keeping pedestrians safe (by allowing boards to be ridden on residential roads/bike lanes) as these skateboards have the ability to reach speeds of 30km/h

Protect riders from cars pulling out of driveways and not signalling their presence.
Please consider this petition and changing the use of electric skateboards on public footpaths, bike/pedestrian tracks, or vehicle parking areas as we head towards a greenersafer future.